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Deborah Nixon

Master Energy Rebalance Therapist
& Fusion Massage Therapist

Balance and inner calm aren't luxuries you can't afford or shouldn't invest in..... They are necessities you cant afford to be without!   


If you're looking for focus and balance in both your body and life, and the ability to learn how to reconnect with yourself and plot the best path forward, then you're in the right place. Whatever is going on in your world, there is a path out. I help my clients focus on what is holding them back and break that down so that the journey forward following a session is more focused, more informed and more beneficial to your overall wellbeing. There is always a way and I feel priviledged to be able to help others find their smiles, their hope and their self worth, as well as help with trauma, pain, stress, self doubt and much much more.

I'm the only therapist in Herefordshire that is currently trained in Metatronia Therapy®. So these therapies aren't available elsewhere in the county. Likewise my traditional massages have a unique edge and additional benefits. However my ability to work with clients is not restricted by distance, as you will read. I have clients all over the world. There isn't anywhere I can't reach you!

I look forward to talking to you soon 



"It's not just a standard Energy or Reiki session... it's so much more... its an experience"   

 - Miss Williams - Hereford  (Metatronia hands on session)

"I cant even put it into words.. like nothing I've ever experienced. I came in a sceptic and left wanting more...! "

- Mr Gladwyn - Scotland   (Reiki hands on session)

"You're spot on, how did you do that... Amazing.... I'm here and you're there yet you got it all spot on and I felt so calm. Like all my worries were taken away ..... "

- Mr Murray - New Zealand  (Metatronia distance session)


Contact Me

DNC Therapies is based in Herefordshire. Set in the city of Hereford in an historic Jacobean property it's the perfect setting to come and receive these relaxing therapies, surrounded by modern and ancient energies.

Please feel free to message me if you'd like to arrange an appt. or discuss anything. You can reach me by completing the form below.     


Sessions are strictly by appointment only                            

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