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What to expect 

I have a very relaxed approach to my sessions and my clients tell me I offer so much more than just Standard Energy Therapy. I also have the psychic ability of  clairsentience so during my sessions I am able to sense what is going on underneath my clients daily facade, and trace out the energetic blockages causing their physical and mental issues.

Some of my clients come to me with very serious issues, others just to relax and escape the daily grind of life. Either way I treat them all with the same sensitivity. I work to see what they require most, at that moment in time, and what things they can do to make life a little calmer and a little more beneficial to their well-being.

All too often we motor through life on autopilot, obsessing over the big things that may never happen and not even noticing the little things that can really matter. Our minds are so chaotic that they are simply forgetting what it is to switch off.


What can you expect from your session....?


Your session will initially involve a brief introduction to the therapy followed by you lying on the therapy couch.


You simply lie down and can get really comfy and drift off. 


It's a hands on therapy and is very gentle and un-intrusive. I simply place my hands where they are guided for optimum healing and the session lasts 30-45 minutes.


Afterwards we sit and discuss what has come up in the session. I always leave 15 mins each side of the session so there is time to talk about any questions or issues that are raised, so session times with me are 1.25 hrs long maximum.

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