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Hear from someone whos tried it.

Click the link below to hear someones experience. This clip humbles me every time I hear it. I simply love what I do

Distance Session Experience

Why Energy Therapy 

So why have energy Therapy?

WELL...... why not??      It really can and does change peoples lives.... 

Well for me its simple. Medicine today is effective but invasive and can not only heal but it can adversely affect and react with our bodies, causing more issues than were first being medicated. Whilst I in no way condone modern medicine, there are alternatives and likewise the two can work side by side. Its not our only option. There is much more to consider and experience.


Energy Therapy is :

Natural-       There is no equipment or tools, no pills or potions, just energy.

Gentle-        It's touch is warm and kind.

Harmless-   It only has positive results.

Healing-      It seeks out the best outcome for the recipient, with some amazing


Relaxing-     Many clients are drawn to MT for this reason, because they want to

                    experience deep relaxation. Many even fall asleep.

Balancing-  It will create balance wherever it goes or is needed.

Energising- If you’re drained, it will revive you.

Metatronia Therapy® and Reiki are still so unknown and misunderstood. Misconceptions about them can lead some people to bypass this, which means they negate any chance of experiencing its benefits.

There is no negative side to Metatronia Therapy® or Reiki, it can do no harm. I do have some clients who seem genuinely scared the first time they see me for any of my treatments, but there is nothing to fear and so much to gain.

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