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Distance Therapy

Distance Metatronia Therapy® Sessions:

You're there.... I'm here.... and it happens!

This is a highly advanced energetic technique that is little understood yet highly potent.

The work that I do relates to the manipulation and channelling of source energy. People ask me how it works and I say.... to be honest, I don't know, I just know that it does. But then likewise I don't know how a text reaches my phone, how the internet works, or satellites... but they do and so does this. All I know is I am able to connect and communicate with source energy and channel it through myself into my clients or out to my clients, wherever they are. Distance is literally no object. My furthest client is in New Zealand... you couldn't get any further away. Yet they experience the energy at the agreed time and I can tune into them and sense what is going on in their body and emotions and channel energy to where it is needed the most. I say that, but ultimately the energy will go where it knows it's needed most. I'm just a guide..... a channel.... the energy is the driving force!

What You May Experience and how you should prepare:

During the sessions - distance or in person, you may feel any number of sensations or experiences. It's a very personal experience. But here are some common sensations.... This list is not exhaustive literally anything you feel is YOUR experience. There is no right or wrong.

A shift in temperature (heating and/or cooling)

Tingling in your scalp/head area

Feeling spaced out

Buzzing or muscle twitches

Out of body sensations


Humming, vibrations, or the feeling of energy moving throughout your body


If you experience pain or discomfort, just relax even more and breathe; this is often a sign of releasing resistance.

Falling fast asleep or losing all sense of time

Drink plenty of water prior to your session and the days following.

Do not consume any alcohol or recreational drugs within a 24-hour period of your session.



If you choose to have a distance session then the following applies:

We will arrange a date and time for the session to take place.

You simply need to lie down on your bed or sofa, in a quiet space where you won't be interrupted. Lie down at least five minutes before so that you are nice and relaxed and ready to start.

At exactly the agreed time the energy will begin to flow and will last for anything from 40minutes to 1.5-2 hours. These are the extremes of the time boundaries, but normally sessions are about an hour.

Just relax and be open to receive the energy without expectation.

Don't get up during the session.

You will sense when the energy is finished and if you fall asleep it will wake you up when its done.

If the energy continues past the hour. This is a bonus! Just soak it up.

I then contact you a few hours later with anything I've sensed during the session and I'm available for any questions. This is a healing session not a reading so I will NOT interpret the things I sense, I will simply explain what I sensed. If you wish me to analyse anything that comes up that will incur and additional charge for my time.

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