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Metatronia Therapy® -

Metatronia Therapy® Sessions

This lesser known yet potent therapy is termed "electro medicine". Its more like a reprogramming that aims to return your bodies energy to it's default pure settings.... Releasing all the negativity you've picked up along the way, getting rid of it and returning you to your lighter, less weighed down form.

Who would benefit from Metatronia Therapy®...

Do you experience any of the following....



Feeling Tired or Burnt Out

Feeling Stuck, Lost, or Confused



Suffering from an illness or infection

Overthinking, over analysing

Mind won't switch off



Feel like you don't know where you fit in

Experiencing Negativity or Racing Thoughts

(this list is not exhaustive, but gives you a good idea)

What is Metatronia Therapy®...

Metatronia Therapy® is an intelligent Source vibration energy. It's like nothing I've ever experienced and it works at a frequency of the highest level. As the energy works with you it assists you with healing, re-aligns you to your original soul imprint, and supports you in raising your vibrational level. By doing so it lifts you out of the negativity you may feel and reminds your body what it feels like to be light and free from unnecessary burden. The therapy helps you and your body "re-learn" how to avoid burdening your body with unnecessary negativity, thus stopping blockages and allowing your body and mind to flow in a far less congested manner. It works at a much higher vibrational level than Reiki and it is extremely powerful.

Some of the many Benefits of Metatronia Therapy®:

Reduced Pain/inflammation

Dissolves Distorted Thought Patterns

Stress/Anxiety reduction

Soothes and processes Grief

Self-Realisation & awareness of your own needs

Deeper Connection and Understanding of yourself

Chakra Rebalancing, Realignment & Clearing

Cleansing & Restoration of Aura & Electromagnetic Field

Healing and Expansion of the Auric Field

Emotional Freedom & Release

Removal of Barriers/Blocks

Raising of Consciousness

Ancestral Healing in the DNA/RNA

Vibrational Change at a Cellular Level

DNA/RNA Restructuring/Rejuvenation 

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