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A Bit About Me -


Welcome…. My name is Deborah or Deb and I’m an Energy Therapist and Usui lineage Reiki Master and Metatronia Master, as well as a fusion Massage Therapist.


All sounds very "Grand" and in it's own way it is, but lots of people fear these titles, think they're mumbo jumbo, and that's fine. I'm all about people having their own mind and beliefs. But when you meet me you soon realise that far from having my head in the stars, my feet are firmly on the ground! 

In laymans terms I can work with the energy in your body to find blocks that upset the balance, I then release these blocks, or start the process of release and counsel you on how to reset and rebalance moving forward and likewise process the past.


This page used to be full of meaningful words that described my journey, but after the 2nd paragraph Im sure most people switched off. Someone very close to me said "you say it the long way Debs........"


So here's the short version.

Im a kind caring and passionate person who cares deeply about helping others help themselves, getting them back on track and ensuring they know they're not alone and can get through anything. I trained in my fields of expertise so that I can offer the best service to my clients matched by my enthusiasm and highly empathic nature.

Added into the fold is my ability to connect psychically to my clients to truly feel how they feel. I consider the service I offer to be all encompassing, allowing me to find the blockages that hold them back. These blocks can be emotional, physical or spiritual and can affect the body and mind in the most profound ways. My own life path and experiences allow me to understand many of the pitfalls of life, so I speak and advise from a place of experience and understanding, rather than a place of educational fact finding.

I strive to use my abilities to help others , whilst making it affordable. Therapy isnt cheap in any form, which means some people miss out. I think Ive found a balance between putting a value on the unique combination of therapies I use, whilst making it affordable.

For the cost of a massage I can help you change your life, and I do that daily ...... its really no more complicated than that.

I very much look forward to meeting you and working with you to help you get through whatever is knocking you off track and whatever lead you to my page today.






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