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Massage Therapy 

A Unique Massage Experience

My massages are not available elsewhere in the county and in fact Im not aware of the combination of traditional massage and Metatronia Therapy fused as one, being offered elsewhere in the country. So its a rare and unique experience.

I decided some time ago to create a fusion therapy that offered relaxation along with the healing and balancing effects of my much loved Metatronia Therapy.

As a result I offer what I have termed "fusion massages".

A traditional massage fused with flowing source energy to create a deeply healing and relaxing experience with many more benefits than a standard massage, lasting up to 7 days after the massage itself.

My clients love this as they get the best of both worlds. And those clients who may never normally have come for an energy session alone, learn about and benefit from the healing Metatronia Therapy that is fused into their much loved massage.

It really is the ultimate in relaxation.

I offer :


      Indian Head Massage                                                        Neck, back and shoulder Massage

    Leg and Foot Massage                                                                      Full Body Massage


" All the relaxation of a standard massage, but with the en energy added in, these massages make me feel like the weights been lifted off my shoulders...... a great experience...... i just got lost in time.... I feel great "    Mr Chappel- Hereford

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